Flipping the Script: An Introduction

Welcome to Financial Flipside, where we provide financial information for “the rest of us”. What does that mean exactly? Well, when I read most financial news or publications, the focus seems to be on individuals or businesses that are starting from an advanced level, rather than on those starting down the road to success. These articles are sometimes condescending and not easily adaptable to someone who has a less-than-perfect situation. I decided to start this blog to provide financial information that meets the needs of people in all situations from startup founders and nine-to-fivers to street vendors and kiosk owners.

Our goal at Financial Flipside is to provide an outlet for talking about money and business  that is informational and conversational. The contributors to this blog will try to address financial issues  in a way  that makes sense, rather than hiding behind jargon or “screaming from a mountaintop”. Where technical terms are necessary, we will do our best to explain them. After all, we can’t have a productive conversation if we’re not on the same page.

Thank you for visiting Financial Flipside. We hope that you stay a while.